8 Great Activities For Granny And Grandchildren

  Its a wonderful thing to foster a great relationship between the generations in a family. Grandparents are a great source of historical knowledge and family identity for the younger generations, so its important to have granny and her grandchildren spending as much time together as possible. Here are 8 great ways to develop an authentic relationship between the two.   1. Have them do light physical activities together such as a nice nature walk.    2. Get together in the kitchen and cook up some wonderful snacks. Who doesn't love granny's baked goods.   3. Arts and crafts will touch...

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Knit Amazing Products Just Like Granny

  Knitting takes a lot of patience as well as skill. Not everybody can sit for extended periods of time patiently creating a wonderful masterpiece, but if anyone can it would most likely be granny. Grandmothers are the reservoir of knowledge as they have attained skill and intelligence over many, many years, so we have a few helpful methods for you to create something similar to what an expert granny might.    1. Start with the best foot forward with getting yourself the highest quality ingredients. Get yourself good yarn, nothing cheap. Better yarn creates better products.   2. Make sure the...

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Choosing Kids Clothing

Usually we want what's best for our kids in every situation. That even comes to clothing and making sure they are dress comfortably and fashionable. There will be a point when your kids become more independent and will start picking out their own clothes. If you aren't at that point, where do you even begin? Take a look below to see how to pick out your kids clothing so they are dressed to impress. 1. Communicate with them and see if they want any say in what they wear. Every kid is different and you never know when they will...

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